CrossFit Journal – Chris Spealler Paleo Diet “Day of Eating” –

The Paleo Recipe Book Steve’s PaleoGoods is committed to supporting healthier ways to eat – and live. Our journey is within ourselves, in our communities, and for people life you…
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4 thoughts on “CrossFit Journal – Chris Spealler Paleo Diet “Day of Eating” –

  1. You look like you’re in great shape, although almond butter, ketchup, silk
    creamer, zone bar, ceasar salad dressing, cream topping on your lunch fish,
    latte(which has milk), peanut butter pretzel, poppyseed dressing and
    cookies are not paleo foods. It seems like you may be eating more of a
    “zone” or “bodybuilding” diet.

  2. @MrMascis most crossfiters don’t stay strict to the paleo diet, they more
    try eat as natural as possible but aren’t willing to give up the good
    stuff. I myself am like chris, try to eat as well as possible but dont mind
    if you go slightly off track

  3. @patrick417 usually almond butter contains sugar, palm oil and salt. If
    it’s just ground up almonds- than there is no argument that it’s paleo.

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