Can insulin make people with diabetes obese

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Can insulin make people with diabetes obese
The extra insulin in the blood could be aggravating obesity and therefore diabetes. Based on their findings, the researchers suggested that insulin treatment for type 2 diabetics should be replaced with greater control over diet and with treatments …

New Paleo Diet Unveils Tips for Finding Paleo Crockpot Recipes and More
“The reason the paleo diet works well with gluten-free is simple: Most sources of gluten are already eliminated with the paleo diet, so it's easy to pluck out the few remaining exceptions to do them both at once. Many people are interested in gluten …
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Pistachios offer protection against type 2 diabetes
At the end of the study, fasting blood sugar levels, insulin and hormonal markers of insulin resistance had all risen in the comparison group, but had fallen in the pistachio-rich diet group. Markers of inflammation also dropped dramatically in the …

Tool predicts risk of complications in type 1 diabetes
Researchers have developed a tool that predicts the risk that a person with type 1 diabetes will develop diabetes complications within the next 7 years. The predictive tool assesses risks of major long term complications such as coronary heart disease …


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