The Paleo Recipe Book

“Our findings suggest that patients may choose, among those associated with the largest weight loss, the diet that gives them the least challenges with adherence,” the researchers wrote in a press release. As long as you maintain your diet and drop …
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Explosion of diet programs leaves many to wonder what really works
The paleo diet involves eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and eating mainly seafood, lean meat and healthy fats such as olive oil. Refined sugars and grains can't be … In this diet you only eat raw food and don't cook anything. This is supposed to …
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Chocolate bars made with honey, not sugar
They tested recipes until they came up with bars that are 85 percent cacao or higher, made with organic cacao powder, organic cacao butter, raw local honey, and a handful of other ingredients, in six varieties ($ 5.79 to $ 7.50). Using honey was tricky …
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