Autoimmune Paleo Diet – Menu Plan and Grocery Haul

The Paleo Recipe Book

In this video, I demonstrate how I meal plan for the week and feature a grocery haul. I also share the cost and price comparison of the Standard American Die…
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4 thoughts on “Autoimmune Paleo Diet – Menu Plan and Grocery Haul

  1. Great deal on that chicken! I can never find chicken on sale for even close
    to that price at the Giant we have here. Those parsnip fries looked so
    good, I have to remember to try those soon!

  2. I just went Paleo on August and I’m loving it. How do you make bone broth?
    I’m a new subbie and I really enjoy your channel!

  3. Great video, is this a low carb diet like trying to lose weight,
    its been so tough as im a recent cancer survivor, are you able to eat
    fruits and veggies

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