Lunch Scene

Some cool palo diet images:

Lunch Scene
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Image by jonasflanken
A shot I took while I was having lunch at the Printer’s Cafe on California Avenue in Palo Alto. Complete with the mandatory Diet Coke, and my Kindle 3. I think I was reading World War Z at that particular lunch

Little Italy next to the Stanford Hospital
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Image by Jun Seita
(except Diet Coke :-)
Tootsie’s at the Stanford Barn

Cans of blue
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Image by Lloyd Dewolf
Factory Joe has posted Flock browser screen shots!

Two different products that are both cans of blue. They are mostly bfacekilla fuel, as termie prefers "red". Other people in our office are coffee fiends.

It is interesting for me coming from Canada where we have different caffeine restrictions. I do have to get back on the fitness train — bfacekilla and bart are great role models in this regard.



Can Athletes Improve Performance With Raw Food?

Can Athletes Improve Performance With Raw Food?
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Mike Tyson Debuts as Boxing Promoter at Oneida Nation's Turning Stone
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Is Going Grain Free Better for Your Health?
You've most likely heard of the Paleo diet, which has become more popular, especially among athletes. But do you really know what it is and why people follow it? Also known as the Paleolithic diet or the caveman diet, this way of eating has been around …
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Lastest List Of Paleo Foods News

Paleo type of diet not for everyone
Speaking about the prohibition of grains in Paleo, Stephanie says wheat has been overmodified over the years. “It increases the burden on the body to break it down. Food manufacturers have been clever with things like corn, soy and wheat and have …

Fad diets uncovered
Diet books are on many bestseller lists, and that's not surprising, says physician David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. "We know what to feed our aquarium fish, but we don't know how to feed … "The Paleo Solution …

Paleo Diet Trend on the Rise: Here's What to Know
On a side note, I love that Sriracha hot sauce made it to the “up and coming” list – I'm a sucker for Sriracha. I put that stuff on everything. If you're interested in the Paleo Diet, here are 21 easy Paleo diet recipes to get you started! What food …
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Cool Raw Paleo Diet images

Some cool raw paleo diet images:

The UFC was Invented by a Vegetarian – Rorion Gracie – Fighters Diet Best for MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, Boxing, Watch Live Stream Cage Fighting – 7
raw paleo diet

1. A Vegetarian, Rorion Gracie, created the entire UFC MMA Mixed Martial Arts Ultimate Fighting Championships.

2. A Vegetarian, Helio Gracie, the Father of Rorion Gracie, invented GJJ Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

3. A Vegetarian, Carlos Gracie, developed BJJ Brazilian JiuJitsu.

4. A pesca-vegetarian, Royce Gracie, beat all the other meat-eaters to win the very first UFC. And he beat them when there were no weight classes, so he had to fight men 3x his size and beat them too. And to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he did it again, and the vegetarian entered again and won the UFC TWICE!

And remember, this is when you did not have months to train against a fighter whose name you were given beforehand and got to study tapes of them and train for it, and this is not like now when you only have 1 fight in the UFC that night. This was when the UFC was a tournament. So you had to fight, then you had to fight an unknown winner of some other fight, beat them, and if by this time you were gassed out or tired, or you got your leg kicked raw, or your face beat up, or bleeding, that’s too bad because you had to fight AGAIN, twice!

The pesca-vegetarian winner of UFC #1 not only beat all the other meat-eaters who entered, he beat all of them in 1 night!


Meat-Eaters Tailgate Barbeque Football Steak Equals Bacon Lard BBQ Grill Brisket Fat Obesity Diabetes – Omnivore Non-Vegan Paleo Diet Food Health
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Image by Paleo-Crossfit-Omnivore-Lowcarb-NonVegan-Meat-Diet