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Image by Paleo-Caveman-Omnivore-LowCarb-Meat-Diet-Info
Paleo Bodybuilder! [Photo] – The world’s biggest Crossfit Diet Bodybuilder.

The Paleo Diet has been ranked as the WORST diet by US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. 24 diets were reviewed for nutrition and hoax claims by a panel of 24 experts in nutrition and medicine. The Paleolithic Diet ranked 24th out of 24. Deal Last place. It failed and was unsatisfactory.

Even the principle of the diet has been found debunked. First, even think about it. Cavemen lived to the ripe old age of only about 29 before dying. Remember, there’s no infant mortality in this figure, it’s not a census, these are the dating of each actual real paleolithic individual’s bones. If you want a diet where its followers die sooner than other people, Paleo is the one for you. Even the Inuit have the lowest lifespans on earth. The Masai people are also some of the worst on earth.

Next, The Paleo Diet as told in the fad diet books, is not even identical to what paleolithic man even ate. Many people who are less educated actually believe the diet sold to people in Robb Wolf’s and Mark Sisson’s and Loren Cordain’s books IS the diet than ancient humans ate. This part is even false. Here’s an example. Cavemen didn’t have tapwater. Nor bottled water. Cavemen drank pond water. Potentially filled with germs, bacteria, and giardia. So, that means, if you’re paleo, you cannot drink tapwater out of your house, or drink bottled water. In fact, you can’t drink treated water (processed!) if you’re on the "paleo diet" at all. You have to go outside, and drink untreated water out of a bacteria infected stream, out of a lake with fish and animal feces in it, or drink out of a puddle. Or you could drink out of a watering hole where wild animals have been washing bacteria and dander and lice out of their fur and may have feces and urine in it.

Of course, according to Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, Mark Sisson, and their ‘primal wisdom’ you are expressly designed to eat parasites and bacteria–afterall, cavmen did it for (thousands/millions) of years, so according to the Paleo Diet, you not only should, but you EVOLVED explicitly to drink pond water. And you are expressly forbidden to drink processed (sanitized and filtered!) bottled water, or from your faucet or from in your house.

In addition, these paleo hoax diet authors that are behind paleo fad diets and the much ridiculed "crossfit" (laughing stock of the exercise world, akin to the mullet of fitness) try to tell you to eat beef. Well, surprise, beef, including grassfed beef didn’t even exist until 2800 years ago when Herefordd and Angus cows were genetically bred. Cavemen didn’t have it. So you can’t eat beef. Paleos go on about barring grain because (they say) it was from 10,000 years ago(paleo diet turned out to be false about that too), but that means BEEF is only coming from 2800 years ago, so guess what, it’s artificially genetically crossed and bred, it’s part of the agricultural period, and BEEF IS NOT PALEO.

So you can’t eat steak on the paleo diet.

Cavemen lived in caves. So afterall, that’s why they call it the "Pale" eo diet. If you adopt the whole paleo ‘lifestyle’ you’re a ‘caveman’. So you’d have lived inside a cave. Therefore you’d not get much sun and the result would be pink albinism. Also vital nutrient deficiencies such as Vitamin D which is produced by the skin in the presence of sunlight.

Paleolithic hunter-gatherers in the Arctic would also be pale and sickly looking, as in the icy cold Cavemen didn’t go to the beach. Also on the Paleo Diet you can’t brush your teeth, so you have to let the bacteria grow in your mouth.

The mouth is the first stage in digestion. Saliva and bacteria begin breaking down food. So if you brush your teeth, or use mouthwash (non-paleo! processed!) then you are killing vital mouth bacteria on your teeth and tongue that were part of every paleolithic caveman’s diet. Cavemen didn’t have a tooth brush. And it’s involved in diet. So paleos don’t brush their teeth. Perhaps this is why many have halitosis and meat-breath.

If you look at existing paleo examples, such as masai or native tribes or inuit, they are either all really skinny and spindly looking(tropics), or really fat(arctic). This is because Paleos weren’t good bodybuilders, they either had to be quick to runaway from animals, and run long distances, like having to run after a vegan antelope that can run 30 miles at 25 miles an hour, so their muscle would be winnowed away (picture a marathon runner’s thin sinewy legs in your mind, that would be the evolutionary result), or, in cold areas, the most desirable evolutionary trait would be to be FAT. Afterall, it’s cold outside, so blubber provides insulation. Look at seals and walruses, they live in the arctic and they’re fat. That’s why. They eat a primitive primal diet of fatty fish and blubber, which will make you fat, like an elephant seal. Also, paleo man in the arctic would not want to be lean at all since you may need to go days or weeks without animal food in the arctic. Much less even seeing an animal, so paleo man in the cold would be fat, to have a lot of fat stores to depend upon when hungry. Not to mention eating all that fatty oily greasy fish and not taking a shower.

This is why the Paleo Diet is possibly the worst diet in the world for bodybuilding. Cavemen were pallid, skinny sinewy muscle and bone in warm areas, and in cold climates paleo diet man gained loads of Flab as insulation.

Crossfiit Bodybuilder on Paleo Diet – Non Vegetarian Primal FreetheAnimal Caveman Robb Wolf
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Image by Paleo-Caveman-Omnivore-LowCarb-Meat-Diet-Info
How To Do Bodybuilding using Crossfit and the Paleolithic Diet.

STEP 1: Join Cross-Fit and do little "fitness" exercises like "Burpees" and jumping around, which don’t build muscle.

STEP 2: Become duped into falling for the now debunked "Paleo Diet" which is high-fat and high-meat which makes your bones weak and depletes carb energy so your body then has to burn protein to get enough fuel to operate, which then teaches your body to essentially Eat its own muscle, making your muscle mass dwindle away.

STEP 3: Buy and go around wearing an inflatable plastic muscle costume suit.


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In Search of the Perfect Human Diet
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Image by Earthworm
My library system has 17 copies of Forks Over Knives, the vegan answer to chronic disease. This is the only documentary I could find that gives any credence to a meat eater’s diet. It has just been released and there are no copies at the library so I had to buy it. The science offered in it makes the China Studies look like pure conjecture. The style of the film is also much less inflammatory in that there are no oversimplified graphics or giant numbers flashing across the screen and not a whiff of corporate conspiracy taking over our diet.

It is narrated by CJ Hunt, a journalist. He narrates the film as his own personal journey to finding health after a heart attack at a young age. What follows is a series of interviews with historians such as the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation which showcases the work of Weston Price and his studies of tribal dietary habits over generations, and continues with current research by doctors and anthropologists.

The perspective of the film is that if you really want to understand the effect of diet on humans look at a traditional population whose diet has been unchanged for generations. A scientific study done with a handful of people over ten years, at most, is not going to give a true picture of the effects of diet over the long haul. Weston Price wrote a book about the amazing health of indigenous people and their later decline as they adopted the diet of modern settlers. His legacy kept alive by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

One professor, studying Australian Aborigines had a group of city dwelling volunteers of Aborigine heritage do a seven week return to the land where they hunted for food much in the same way as their ancestors had done resulting in a diet that was 64% animal based. In that time they lost weight, their insulin resistance disappeared and so were no longer subject to diabetes. Yet they were even less active than they had been living in the city.

Another doctor studying first nation people in Canada found that their diet of origin was a very low carb diet with traditional foods full of fat. He reintroduced these foods to the descendants along with the idea that their health problems were caused largely by their eating a Standard American Diet (SAD). The tribal people had a very strong resonance to this message and began rediscovering their old family recipes.

The film warns us that everything we are hearing in this film is not what we will hear in the general discourse. Some clips shown of speakers at a vegan conference denouncing meat, then Hunt interviews a woman selling soy jerky who claims that humans are herbivores. Thus is introduced the only graphic in the movie, showing how herbivores have four stomachs to wring every last nutrient out of the grass that they eat, sometimes even eating their own feces just to make sure no nutrient is overlooked plus they must eat all their waking hours. Meanwhile a lion, with the same carnivorous one-stomach digestive system as humans, can eat at one sitting and go for a long time without eating. The telling fact of a vegetarian diet is that it cannot provide the vitamin B12 which is essential for human health.

My nutritional savior, Gary Taubes author of The Big Fat Lie makes the point that obesity was, until the ’50s, treated with a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. In the ’50′s concerns that eating fat caused heart disease (by then an epidemic), persuaded the medical community to change strategy even though there was no evidence to support that this was true. Ancel Keyes is not mentioned, but his picture is shown on the cover of Time magazine.

Meanwhile the most extensive study done on the issue is the Framingham Study which did indeed disprove the fat-makes-cholesterol theory, but it was ignored because by then government standards had been set. Speaking of the Food Pyramid, a story is told about asking a feedlot farmer what he feeds his cattle. The diet described was then nutritionally analysed. The results showed the same distribution of carbohydrates, protein and fat as the Food Pyramid created by the government. We can now call it the Feedlot Pyramid to make the point that our national diet is a fattening diet. Little was changed when it was revamped as the Food Plate graphic.

The film then follows the research of physiological anthropologists, at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, who talk about humans evolving a bigger brain as a direct result of eating more protein from an animal based diet, including animal brains and bone marrow. Our early ancestors also ate a much more diverse diet than we do. A research team that has analyzed the bones of pre modern man show that all were carnivores.

When grains were introduced we got shorter, our skulls got narrower, our jaws became too small for all our teeth (thus we must remove our wisdom teeth) and our brains shrunk. It was also pointed out that whole grains contain minerals that block the absorption of nutrients into the body. The only reason given for turning to an agriculture based diet was that the hunter lifestyle was quite dangerous, so presumably humans wanted to settle down and live a quiet life.

(I have also heard it suggested that grains, especially wheat, are so unlike any other plant on the planet, that it may have been introduced by an alien intelligence. Perhaps the same ones that keep making those crop circles in the wheat fields. The introduction of grain certainly allowed humans to take up art and architecture in a big way so perhaps that was their agenda. After all, man does not live by bread alone. ha. And our spiritual growth was much enhanced by not being constantly threatened by mammoths.)

The final interview of the film is with a doctor, Lane Sebring of Wimberley Texas, who is applying these findings with actual patients, prescribing a diet of large cuts of meat and lots of vegetables with no cereals, bread or anything with high fructose corn syrup and trans fat or man made sweeteners. He talks about how a slice of white bread is the equivalent of half a cup of sugar and produces a higher reaction in some people than sugar, while the whole grain breads which are supposed to be so good for us, introduce a slew of other problems because of their mineral content. The walk around the local grocery store is a helpful segment to demonstrate what is the ideal human diet. What we were designed to eat. Finally Hunt, who has tried all sorts of diets, attests that, after following this diet for some time now, his blood work is outstanding.

The film’s revelations make a great deal of sense and in so doing is not nearly as exciting as Fork Over Knives which creates excitement with stories that we’ve never heard before based on the China Study and on little publicized ideas. Both Catherine and I wanted to be vegans after watching Fork Over Knives, but the complexity of this Perfect Human Diet film just makes us have to think more about what we will find to eat. And it’s not a very snappy title on top of a death like cover.

It’s way easier to eliminate meat, cheaper too, but it is also inevitably a nutrient reducing diet and over time it takes it’s toll. You can eat vegetarian, but you have to carefully watch that it is supplemented with the missing vitamins. This is never really addressed in Fork Over Knives. And when the evils of eating meat is tied with heart disease, no one ever mentions that every time an American eats a steak they are going to eat a potato, corn and bread right along with it, just as a hamburger is not a hamburger without the bun (and fries). It is much harder to eliminate grain products from a SAD diet. And there is no restaurant touting a carnivore menu so it is taken for granted, but now that the low carb diet has been reintroduced (first made the cover of Time in 1999) restaurants are adapting by offering to substitute carbs with more veggies. And grass fed beef has redeemed us from planetary destruction which we can blame equally on agriculture destroying natural habitat.

Experimenting with a Paleo diet to try to combat afternoon knackeredness ( Need to work on my presentation skills.
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Image by J Deamer


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Paleo Breakfast – 30 Delicious Recipes to Start Your Day! (Perfectly Paleo)

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